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For over 50 years Cooke has been the pioneer in high and ultra-high vacuum systems. 

We are the reliable source for industrial and research tools in all applications: thermal evaporation, sputtering, plasma, electron-beam and specials.  Organic electronics, PLD,  cat-arc, ion-plating....

We are an engineering and manufacturing company. If you can name it, we've made it; if you can sketch it, we'll make it.

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Cooke makes a variety of vacuum components and subsystems, including chambers, feedthroughs, controls and instrumentation. Custom components can be surprisingly economical, as is modification or repair to obsolete or other brand equipment.

We are also famous for keeping cost down by flexible and custom design. We only sell what you need.

Process development and research done on-site. And we don't ask for equity in your company! See our new page.