Butterfly Sputter Shutter Valve

  • Throttle only, non-sealing
  • All parts 304 stainless steel
  • Control shaft differentially pumped
  • Sandwich design
  • Bakeable to 200C

Butterfly sputter-shutter...Description The Cooke Sputter-Shutter Valve combines high conductance and effective throttle capabilities. The 90-degree shaft rotation controls conductance from 5% to 95% of theoretical. The control shaft moves a split blade for a vernier effect over 5% to 25% of the conductance region with accurate repeatability. Additional Information

  • Bakeable to 200 C.Choice of elastomer O rings.
  • Pneumatic operated actuator needs 60-80 PSI.
  • Leak-test certified to 10^-8 std. cc/sec.
  • Inert gas weld construction.
  • Pneumatic solenoid and motor operated actuator need 115v, 60Hz current.

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