Cooke is a manufacturer, not an assembler, so we produce many types of components, both for our own systems and for individual sale.  Typically, you will source a component from us either if:  a) you can't find it in the usual suppliers' catalog, or b) you know already that it has to be custom.  We are, of course, happy to just help you find a product.

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Cooke Valves:

We make otherwise unobtainable butterfly and poppet valves, or valves with custom flanging.

Cooke Valves
Cooke Traps:

Since diffusion pumps will never quite go away,and a certain company "V" discontinued, we make otherwise unobtainable traps, as well as foreline and special purpose ones. Types include LN2, refrigerant, and water.

Cooke Traps
Cooke Baffles:

A universal water/LN2 baffle design that will fit anything to anything.  Ends searching or expensive custom fabrication. (not pictured)

Cooke Baffles
Cooke Feedthroughs:

Cooke feedthroughs for electrical, motion, or fluid, for 1" hole mounting, universal, or CF.

Cooke Feedthroughs
Power supplies.  We make a convenient high current resistance evaporation supply, manual or remote operated.  2kW and up.  We also make a glow discharge supply. Cooke Power Sources
Chambers, cylindrical, box or other, no size limits. Chambers are TIG welded type 304 stainless steel, utilizing HV or UHV flanges.  We also make associated baseplates, top plates, and other parts. We make shields for glass chambers. Cooke Chambers
Pump stacks.  Cryo, turbo or diffusion, in frames, with or without controls, 3" nominal on up. We make our own diffusion pumps, traps and manifolds. Cooke Pump Stacks
 Fixtures.  Send a sketch, we'll make the fixture; heated, moving, isolated, etc. Rotation, full planetaries, two side coating. Cooke Fixtures
Sputter sources: Round planar magnetrons, clusters and specials.  Shutters, anode injection, etc. Cooke Sputter Sources