Foreline Hydrocarbon Traps


  • Choice of molecular sieve or mesh types
  • Both trap hydrocarbons by surface adhesion
  • Molecular sieve model traps water as well
  • Mesh type never needs replacing, for rejuvenation just flush and brake.
  • All parts are 304 stainless steel
  • Traps operate in any position
  • Useable in any system
  • Bakeable to 350 C.


The Cooke hydrocarbon traps provide inexpensive protection of a high vacuum system against mechanical pump Backstreaming.  Both models trap fluid hydrocarbons by surface adhesion.  The mesh trap uses a metallic adsorbent material, and the Molecular sieve trap uses zeolite or alumina pellets.  In systems where lower roughing pressures are important, use of the molecular sieve model is preferred because of the asses water removal, which occurs continuously as the system operates.  A heater in the unit periodically removes the water adsorbed from the vacuum system by baking.

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Technical information: 


Molecular Sieve

Mesh Trap


Bake to 350 C.

Disengage and Flush bake to 100 C.

Vacuum Range

760 to 10-5 torr

760 to 10-9 torr

Maximum Pressure

50 PSI.

50 PSI

Structural Material

304 Stainless Steel

304 Stainless Steel