High Vacuum Gate Valve


  • Available in four standard sizes: 2", 4", 6" and 10".

  • All with ASA 150 lb. type flanges.

  • Special flange configurations available upon request.

  • Vacuum range: baked 10^-9 torr.

  • Viton plate "O" ring seal.

  • Actuators are available in either manual or pneumatic (70-90 psi).

  • "O" ring groove locations may be specified at the time of order if other than shown.

  • All parts 304 stainless steel.

  • Leak-test certified to 10-9 std. cc/sec.


These high gate valves, manufactured of 304 stainless steel, are inert gas welded, have an easily removable internal mechanism which facilitates cleaning without removal of the valve from the system.  The drive mechanism is designed with an over-center locking device to assure the proper sealing force with the atmospheric pressures from either direction.  This insures that the valve will remain closed in case of air or power failure.  The valve has two types of shaft seals, either differentially pumped, or bellows sealed.  It has a low outgassing rate and a high conductance and can be baked at temperatures up to 200 C.

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"High Vacuum Gate Valve"

Accessories Available:

  • Microswitches for the system interlocking

  • Position indicator

  • Water-cooled body

  • Choice of elastomer o rings

  • 4 way Electro-actuated sol. Valve 115v - - 20W-60 cycle.

  • Roughing Port

  • Metal gasket seals enable valve to work in ultra-high vacuum