Laboratory Services

First you lost the machinists,  then the technical specialists, then the contact labs, and now.... here's the story.

Decades ago, companies began to outsource mechanical work, then engineering, and eventually, most chose to leave R&D to other peoplelower risk, you know.  What happened at universities was also driven by funny concepts of science and engineering.  First abandon the shops, then the enormously useful tech (non-teaching) staff.  In the last ten years or so, the emphasis on licensing revenue has been destructive.

Here's an actual example.  We installed a specialized dep system at a nearby state university.  A little thing, maybe $30k worth.  Ten years later, a local startup needed a few runs done.... a few runs! The university wanted 50% of the startup.  That's how bad it can get.

So, although our physical resources are not impressive, we have a strange ability to solve problems in process, instrumentation, and sourcing things.  We do not want to own your company, be first author on your publication, or run off with your ideas.  We just think that we can be your lab. Try us.