Cooke Vacuum News

There's nothing 'usual' in the custom equipment business.  We get to do the most challenging projects.  Sometimes the challenge is to meet a small budget; sometimes to add a function that's completely new. 

The past year has brought a revival of baffles and traps because of consolidations in the big company world.  Fortunately, Cooke has been making these for many years, so we were confident about taking on more orders.  We're adding more information to the 'Traps and Baffles' pages because of this.  

Although skilled handwork is essential to the custom equipment business, we're very much updated with CNC capability, and utilizing more water jet and laser fabrication, resulting in cost savings, and the ability to do more complex items.

  • More glove-box based OLED and organic electronic deposition systems.  Now with a new glove box design.
  • New, lower cost electron beam power supplies.
  • Lower cost basic DC sputter supplies.
  • New adaptable cryotrap design that allows for wide customization and higher reliability.
  • New baffle layouts in ASA, ISO, and CFF and mixes.

This in addition to the usual run of small, do-anything CV302 vacuum systems, and custom components.