A product and process combination starts with an application.  We help select the best process and the most suitable hardware for the job.

Major Process Families

Thin Film Deposition

  • Thermal Resistance (boat/filament)
  • Electron Beam
  • Sputter
  • PLD
  • OLED and Organic Glove Box Systems

Etch/Ash/Surface Treatment

  • Plasma Etch
  • Reactive Ion Etch (RIE)
  • Surface Activation, Modification

Test and Specials

  • Environmental Test
  • Space Simulators
  • Vacuum Ovens
  • Laser Die Attach

Our old classification (300,400,600, 1000) series refers to pump diameters.  We still refer to these, but they really mean 'small, medium, large....' or 'R&D, pilot, production' as a loose comparison. 

CV302 small R&D

The CV302 is the familiar small evaporator that is used for thermal resistance deposition (boats, filaments), single or multiple sputter sources, other plasma processes. Equipped with a choice of pumps and chambers, the CV302 is a versatile R&D tool that also is used for some single use and production applications, such as decorative foils, microscopy specimen preparation.

CV400, 600, 1000 larger systems

These are larger systems that may be box-chamber deposition, multi-cathode sputter, cathodic-arc, ion plating, space environmental test, etc. The largest systems built primarily in our shop are walk-in space simulators.

These are the main applications/process families: Bear in mind that for R&D especially, combined processes such as sputter and thermal deposition are common.